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  • Financing the real economy
  • Attractive risk-adjusted returns
  • Low correlation to traditional asset classes

Younited is reinventing the consumer loan industry in Europe

Younited is a regulated credit institution founded in October 2009. Our innovative refinancing model allows professional qualified investors (both individuals and legal entities: companies, insurers, foundations, pension funds, etc.) to finance transparent and competitive consumer loans. Our 100% digital platform uses leading-edge technology allowing us to offer competitive interest rates to borrowers and attractive returns to investors.

Founded in 2009

€2.2 billion worth of unsecured consumer loans granted since inception (as of December 2020)

Part of the Next40 index

Operating in
5 European countries, with over 380 employees

A rigorous risk management

Proprietary scoring models and cutting-edge fraud detection tools allow us to only finance clients possessing an optimal risk profile. Out of 100 applications received, only two will eventually be financed.

A risk-based pricing methodology allows us to estimate the cost of risk of each individual client and to determine the best interest rate for them. This interest rate is also calibrated to help us reach our target performance.

Our risk team regularly monitors risk and return indicators at a portfolio level to ensure those are in line with expectations.  

  • Coin Repos
    Younited Credit Germany: Over €10M of originated loans 7 months after launch

    Seven months after its launch in February, Younited Credit Germany has reached
    a first relevant milestone and granted consumer loans worth over ten million euros. The German
    branch of the French fintech company has thereby made an important contribution to the overall
    growth of the company.

    Full press release

  • Openspace
    The two loan funds marketed by Younited Credit generated returns of 2,85%
    and 3,26% in 2019

    Jan. 2020: The Fintech company Younited Credit has announced that the two funds that it markets, ‘FCT2 Younited
    France’ and ‘FCT Younited Italy’, generated net returns of 2.85% and 3.26% respectively in 2019 (historical performances).

    Full press release

  • Cafeteria
    Admiral Group, Suravenir and Matmut partner with Younited Credit to finance
    French and Italian households

    Nov. 2019: Admiral Group (leading UK car insurance), Suravenir (leading French insurance company and life insurance specialist, part of Crédit Mutuel ARKEA Group) and Matmut (leading French insurance company) have joined as investors in French and Italian funds offered by Younited.

    Full press release

Why should I invest?

Younited currently offers the opportunity to invest in two funds: FCT Younited France and FCT Younited Italy. These funds invest in fixed-rate, constant amortising consumer loans originated by Younited.

The initial maturity of these loans is comprised between 6 and 84 months and the initial amount ranges from €1,000 to €55,000. All the loans are issued on an unsecured basis for various purposes, such as home improvements, living expenses, car (unsercured), purchases of consumer goods and debt consolidation.

FCT Younited Italy is reserved for qualified legal persons.

Diversification opportunity

Younited gives you access to a new asset class

Attractive risk return profile

Annual target returns (net of fees and defaults) range from +2.5% to +3.5% (historical performances) 

Low volatility

Younited’s portfolios are highly granular and produce steady performances with low volatility

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